Wednesday, February 4, 2015

God is Renewing Everything Dead Inside of Me...and I'm so happy!!

Sometimes you know, I don't know the words to describe of what God is doing in me, and then I find great songs where someone "has the words" for me.  Here's how God has restored me, I hope these help you to see and want nothing more than for it to be to glorify God and what He is doing in my heart.

Reading Galatians 6, God's word, His spirit convicted me of what I had been doing once again...

I'm sorry God, that I had gotten caught up in the law once again...I had it backwards because I was letting my circumstances, people, false thoughts define who I was rather than who you say I am!
Here's who you say I am:

I love you all each so much and am so thankful God loves me right where I am.
He loves each one of you just the way you are too, just where you are.  I love you too and mean that!
It's amazing how everything you do is for God without a doubt when you can rest in knowing He loves you unconditionally...really know it!!
God uses all of it for His Glory!
Another song that encouraged me that God uses it all...

Love in HIM!

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