Sunday, October 16, 2016

THANK YOU to my Friends and Family


 Be My Friend
by Chelsea Vanderpool

I hope everyone is doing well and hope this encourages someone.  I felt like since others is the reason I'm sharing again, this would be a great time to thank you and let you know how much it has meant to me for those who have come alongside me as I've been in the process of growth, not always a fun time...very challenging.  

I think one of the main things that helped me to express how I was feeling was a painting class I took a few months ago and drew this painting above with the two birds.  I used to love to draw and paint in high school, but hadn't done something like this in such a long time, it's like my thoughts on relationships is the meaning to me of this painting.
There is a hidden meaning to my picture.  The bird on top is getting ready to fly right down beside his friend because the bird's been having a tough time and just needs someone to be right beside him and let him know he's cared about.  There were people that encouraged me there and they may not even realize it.  The art teacher and those in the class with me that participated and encouraged me as I was painting this.  The golden coloring, not sure if you can see it well, is supposed to be what I call the "golden hour" of the day when the sun is setting and it just is a beautiful time of the day and what a special moment this is. 

...Now, what do you see?  What you see matters too, we all can help each other and have something to offer from our own experiences and knowledge, we just have to find the courage to share it.  I'm so thankful for those who shared with me, even though it can be very scary to do this. 

Here's some things you all have done for me... 
  • written a note
  • sent a card 
  • a smile
  • gotten a chair for me so I could sit with you at the table
  • listened to me
  • prayer
  • hugs
  • going out for coffee
  • a thoughtful gift
  • called me because you thought of me
  • words of encouragement
  • an email
  • an invitation
  • a play date for my kids to play with your kids
  • Genuinely asking "How I'm doing?"
  • ...simply, letting me know I matter to you
Thank you for loving me just as I am, and showing me in your own unique ways that you care.

You + me = We when we show we genuinely care.

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