Sunday, October 9, 2016

Things Aren't Always What They Seem

Here is a story I often read when I was a child because I had a lot of gears turning trying to make sense of everything in this very BIG and mysterious world...

Two Travelling Angels

...I noticed one important thing with the younger angel in the story, he didn't just jump to conclusions and leave the other angel, cutting off all contact...he asked "Why?"  
He took the time to learn and try to understand.
The hard part in life, we don't always get an answer to our why?, that's when we HOPE! It's how we keep going when it's hard and doesn't make sense.  Think of your life as your own story.

Here is my own story... 
The picture collage below a friend made for me when I had a lot of these questions running through my mind a lot!  When my daughter was born early, very early.  I think I'm still experiencing reasons to understand how harder times have...looking back...I've grown from them and it's shaped me to listen more and talk less I think.  
Life is hard and we're all trying to make sense of it.  But let's never stop asking questions, exploring.

For example, the story behind the scripture verse in the middle below?
You could say that I am making a judgment on those who don't believe in God.
I am not! Far from it...this is how I, personally, made sense of a time that was very hard to understand for me.  It's how I personally processed and how I hoped through a very hard and difficult time in my life and I've grown in so many ways, this one is just more tangible for others to see.   I learned not to take this time with my children for granted...because very soon, they will be 18. *tear*
I think the biggest thing I learned, is to keep learning through life, not to have things all figured out.  We are all here to love each other, I have learned that!  One very important factor during this time was knowing I was not alone, all the support and love from friends and family.

Also, when life gets hard and confusing, whatever it may be, here is one song that recently has helped me a lot to look at my life as a story, and I'm the character in the story who just keeps growing and getting stronger.
If you've seen Zootopia, you know the bunny, she is the underdog we love to see grow and get stronger.

Try Everything

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  1. Now I know what you were getting at when you said you were sure I and a friend were experiencing a misunderstanding. I realize, too, that you are correct. Thank you.


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