Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Follow Up Post from my "Leap" Post

A Beautiful Story I remember from when I first read in Middle School:

Click here to read this inspirational story!

Some other messages that have helped include audio messages from Crosspointe. I'm not in any way trying to get you to come here, just sharing these messages in case it helps anyone going through a hard time.

Just included those for whom it may help on their own journey with faith and what to make of hard times.  We all have hard times and sometimes it can be hard with many unknowns.

I know there is a lot that has helped me in my walk with God as well, this is just where I am on my journey now.

Link to all their series of messages here: (from "Let's Take a Walk" series) Faith messages:

~What faith looks like, speaker: Jonathan Bow
~Kingdom of Mustard and Bread, speaker: Tirzah Turner
~Follow>Believe, speaker: Jonathan Bow
(from "Jesus for Precedent" series) Pain messages:

~Pain, speaker: Steve Daugherty

~BONUS: Follow up to Pain, speakers: Steve Daugherty, Stephen Claybrook


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